Test lab 15

Test lab 15 - the penetration testing laboratory based on real company network

Test lab is designed for legal pentesting and improving penetration skills and contain penetration testing laboratories which emulate an IT infrastructure of real companies. Laboratories are always unique and include the most recent and known vulnerabilities. Test lab presented as a computer network of virtual companies containing widely distributed misconfigurations and vulnerabilities. Participants play a pentesters role, and trying to exploit them, and in case of success gain access to particular lab nodes which contain a token. The winner is the one who collects all tokens. Penetration testing in labs based on "grey box" methodology: participants have information about network infrastructure in form of schema and text description. Participants can use different methods of penetrating - exploiting network services, web, social engineering, buffer overflow and etc.

Developing Test lab labs we try to cover almost all IT areas: network security, security of operation systems and applications. Participants are supposed to exploit the variety of vulnerabilities in network components and cryptographic mechanisms, in configurations and code, and also supposed to use human factor. The outstanding feature of "Test lab" is the unique story with whole scenery which links tasks with each other. For example, participants can use mail credentials, which had been already founded, to attack other services and machines (Active Directory, for example).

We are proud to announce the launch our new lab Test lab. As in the previous labs, it is based on actual attack methods, while IT infrastructure of the lab is similar to real company’s network as close as it can be.

Test lab 15 will be available on March 15, 2021. See you!

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